Do you lay awake at night and dream about walking a far away runway in a distant land? Or do your dreams have you on the stage singing or dancing for crowds of adoring fans? Maybe you’re dreaming of attending the premier of your latest film. Whatever your dreams hold we would like to help you on your journey.  What if you could spend four days auditioning for agents, casting directors, managers who are looking for new talent for their companies in places like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, or even Europe?  What if you could spend time actually talking to people in the modeling and entertainment industry? Imagine attending a workshop taught by a casting director who works with names like Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg or James Cameron. Maybe chatting with a Music Manager who represents top 40 singers?  

agm talent productions hosts a networking event consisting of models, actors, mother agents, managers, agents, casting directors, scouts and other industry professionals.  We bring all of you together on a cruise ship headed to the Caribbean. In four days you will audition, compete, learn, change, develop along with others with your same dream in front of the "movers and shakers" in our industry.? 
It is our desire that you leave agm talent productions fully prepared for the next phase in your journey. 
We do all this while also providing you and your family an affordable fun-filled vacation. "What better way to accomplish your dreams than on a cruise ship to the Caribbean." 

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; Not only plan, but also Believe." ~Anatole France

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."

~Arthur Ashe