"GREAT TIME!! Thanks for the opportunity to meet some wonderfully talented people and agents from all over the USA! THANKS AGM!!!" ~Ann Ayres

”Kennedy Cooper ROCKED during competition! She placed in Improv, scene study, and photo! And had callback/offer from the agent who has actors in (are you ready for this Tiffany Hughes?).......Scandal, Ravenswood, WALKING DEAD, Constantine, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and more! SO EXCITED and looking forward to the next step in her future! Kennedy and I couldn't have done this without my family, her agent Kim Pease, Maggie and agm.”

“SO SO SO thankful and proud of my amazing FIA STARS in our National Division. They really are UNBELIEVABLE!! In about the last 45 days or so FIA Talent/Alumni have GONE WILD! Lindsey had a 2 day stint on ABC'S NASHVILLE. Kerlee was on ABC's ASTRONAUT WIVE'S CLUB. Ann was again a featured model on HSN (for about the jillionth time) AND is working on a film with MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and NICK NOLTE! We had SIX actors in a film with TOM HIDDLESTON last month! Lauren D booked a National CLAIROL shoot and our one of our models in development, JL Campbell, was chosen to work with our 3rd PROJECT RUNWAY Designer! I'M OVERWHELMED ! These guys are MAKING IT HAPPEN! On top of all of this several also booked in the Designer's Choice Fashion Show in LR, David's Bridal, and the Arkansas AIDS Foundation Runway Show. Then, I CAN'T EVEN keep up with HARD CORE ROCKSTARS Victoria and Juli who have been booking films and projects left and right! Ashleigh is headed to LA in just a few short weeks! Whew!" ~ Kim P

“The cruise and competition have come to an end. After all our hard work and preparation if feels strange to be back home, but I know it is not for long. Many amazing opportunities have arisen from this adventure, and I cannot wait to see where they lead not only me, but my entire FIA family. I feel so blessed to have been in this event and am so proud of everyone. Thank you all for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to shine and believe in myself once again. Again, a big thank you to all the agents and agm.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity and can't wait to work with you all in the future.” ~ Lauren D

"I had such a great experience with a group of amazing people! We've all been practicing for almost six months and ended with great results. I'm so proud of FIA and looking forward to the wonderful places everyone will be someday soon! BIG THANKS to MA FIA Kim Pease, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have half the skill sets that we have now. You always keep us in your best interests and we thank you so much for that. Love you!! Also, a round of applause for Maggie Buehrer & Allan Maxey for hosting this wonderful event. We're all so privileged to have received the opportunity to perform in front of you and the amazing agents that attended..."  ~ Emily Lo

"This last week was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to grow closer to many of the people in my agency, make some awesome connections to bring me closer to living out my dreams, and in the process experienced my first time in another country and first time on a cruise. The feeling of being one step closer to fulfilling a dream is one of the greatest feelings and I could not have done it without the help and support of my friends, family, and of course all of the wonderful member of my Faces Inc Agencies (FIA) Family. And through this whole process I was able to earn some amazing awards and wonderful opportunities for my future...And am waiting to sign with some agents that are interested representing me and having me as an actor in their agency!! It is all thanks to the wonderful talent that God has given me!! The best part was getting to stand on the stage with my mom as the top three to see who won Best Overall Actor! It was an experience I will never forget!! “ ~ Ty V

Thanx to agm our own Brianna Richardson's music career is being mentored by the producers for Rihanna, Demi Lavato, Jason Derulo, and more !!

This was our second experience with AGM Talent Productions, and Notani and I thought we knew what to expect and that we were old hats at this networking stuff. How wrong we were! Each event, as we found out is different, the first AGM Believe event we went on we thought was amazing, this one was like nothing we could ever imagine, nor can we find words for! The competition was fierce, but the camaraderie between the talents was really amazing, each person was rooting for the other, and actually encouraged each other. The experience I had as a parent to see my 8 year old performing as a professional and being mentored by other professionals, agents, talent agencies, casting directors was simply amazing for me. I admit, I cried tears of joy with each acknowledgement and award Notani received, and was simply amazed over and over again at the courage, confidence and professionalism my son has learned through these experiences. The feedback that we obtained has helped Notani grow and develop his talents even more than before. He received a call back from every professional agency there, and was able to ask questions about how to move further in this field. My son has developed his talents, has developed confidence, friendships, and has learned so many skills that will carry him through life. This experience for both of us has been the experience of a lifetime, and we are eagerly looking to go back and go even further on his journey. Thank you Allan Maxey, Maggie Buehrer, and especially Jennifer Baker, from Sandhills Modeling and Talent Agency for mentoring and giving us this awesome experience!" ~ Sonja Shah