agm talent productions presents:

Believe VIII 2018

Tampa, Fl - Grand Cayman - Cozumel, Mexico

September 10 -  15, 2018

For pricing and preregistration for AGM Talent Cruise, please click the logo to your left, then mouse over AGM Talent and select AGM Pre-registration.  Once this is done and Kenny at Garzmax Travel processes your Registration you can expect a call shortly after he is done.  Keep in mind we are not the only group nor client Garzmax Travel Handles so please be patient.


Cabins are limited and booked on a first come, first served basis. Pricing is subject to change. All rates are based on a minimum of 2 people per cabin and you must book your cabin at the same time as your cabin mate. Single rate cabins are available at 200% higher than a double occupancy rate.

Gratuities are priced per person and will be charged to your cabin once your cabin has been booked.

All deadlines pertaining to your account is your responsibility to keep up with. Should you miss a deadline for a payment or for final payment your cabin will be cancelled and NO refund will be given. Please refer to your statement and or for all deadlines pertaining to your hotel and cruise.


Cabin rates are no longer guaranteed until you have paid in full.  You need to complete your cabin by clicking on the provided link "registration" once completed a representative from Garzmax Travel will contact you and discuss cabin type and cost and collect full Deposit per-person at time of registration. Please be prepared to have payment ready for double occupancy.  In other words, both parties are to be present at time of booking your cabin.

Final Payment is due
before JUNE 15th, 2018. This is the total balance that is owed on your cabin.

You are not considered registered for the event until you have made your reservations and paid your full deposit for your cabin through Garzmax Travel our Authorized Travel Agency to agm talent productions. Registration through any other means will void your ability to participate in all events and you will not be considered as a registered participant.

Checks are not accepted. All fees have to be paid via credit card which will be processed through the cruise line or Garzmax.  All forms and all credit card payments will need to be signed for at time of booking.  These forms and Credit Card Authorization forms will be sent to you via Docusign where you must sign and return.  If for some reason this isn't done within 48 hours your cabin will be canceled and any monies paid could be a loss at your expense. Remember you are working with another company and must oblige by their rules as they have to follow legal requirements...

Garzmax  Travel highly recommends travel insurance. You will have the option to accept or decline at time of booking. You will be required to fill out an insurance waiver form should you choose to decline or accept.


Please Contact Garzmax Travel 917-722-0973 for information on Host hotel and rates. 

Credit card will be required to hold your room but will not be charged until checkin or if you fail to cancel your reservation 30 days prior to arrival you will be charged for your room.

 Fla State Taxes all rates are double occupancy.